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The Happiness Patrol

Where happiness prevails

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What we do here

The Happiness Patrol is a general Doctor Who community. It combines all the selling points of other Doctor Who communities (discussion of all types, picspams, love threads, questions about the show, even anonymous posting) with one key difference: we have active mods who will mercilessly squash unhappiness.

What do we mean by unhappiness? We mean posts and comments intentionally meant to stir up, prolong, or escalate arguments, and nastiness aimed at fellow Doctor Who fans. The Happiness Patrol is a wank-free zone. This is your place to come and talk Doctor Who with other fans, without the pointless arguments and spam.

What we want to see here

- Picspams of all shapes and sizes.
- Love threads about episodes, characters, pairings, actors, etc.
- Canon and spin off discussions.
- Squeeful news, recs, and spoilers.
- Fanart, fics, icons, etc (though we may make a master post as spam prevention if it gets too much).
- Recounts of how you saw a guy in trainers eating a banana or other such exciting tales, BUT only in the specifically designated master post.
- Community pimping is fine, but again there is a special post for it.
- Anything else fun that you can think of.

What we DON'T want to see here

- Posts for the sake of starting or continuing wank.
- Trolls, wank, sexism, racism, classism, and all other unfunny business.

The Rules

1. Be respectful to everyone.
2. Don't harsh anyone's squee. Polite disagreement and reasonable discussion are fine, but trolling love threads and such is not.
3. All spoilers, adult and NSFW content must be under a cut and clearly labelled.
4. The mods will intervene at their own discretion and use common sense to do so. If you see something you think we should be aware of, tell us in the mod post.
5. IP logging will be off unless troll activity makes it necessary to turn it on temporarily.

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